How do I add a logo watermark to my images?

Having the ability to add a logo watermark to all of your images before sharing them on social is one of our most standout features in SocialOmm by far!

Our watermark feature is perfect for branding your images with your logo. It's especially great when you want to brand our ready-made social media images as your own (you can download our ready-made health and wellness social media images over at Healthinomics).

Here's a quick overview of what you can do with our watermark feature before you share a post on social media:

Add a Logo Watermark

To add a logo watermark to your post image, follow these steps:

  1. First, you'll need to create a new post.

    You can do this by clicking the Create a new post button in the top menu of every page:

    You can also add a post from the Calendar view by clicking the Add post button:Or you can go to your Media Library, select the image/video you want to create a post from, and click Use in post:

  2. In the Add A New Post popup, click the image placeholder and select an image from your Media Library that you want to add to your post (if you chose to select an image/video from your media library to use in your post, you'll see your image/video here already):

  3. To add your logo watermark to your post, turn on the Watermark toggle:
  4. Click the image placeholder to upload your logo (PNG files work best, but you can upload JPEG files too).
  5. Choose the Position you want to place your watermark on your image.
  6. The Background setting allows you to add a background color to your logo. This is great if you have a PNG logo with a transparent background and want to be able to make it stand out on top of your social media image.If you don't want to add a background to your logo, leave as 'transparent':
  7. Use the Padding % to add a padding/space around the logo.
  8. Use the Width % setting to adjust the width of your logo.
  9. Once you've set your logo as you'd like it to appear on your image, you have the option of setting it as your default watermark by clicking the Set as default button. This will remember all of your settings and allow you to quickly add your watermark to all future social media images.
  10. Voila! Nowwhen your social media image is shared to your social profiles, your watermark will be included! Here's a quick example we put together:

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