How do I use Post Groups?

Post Groups is the heart and soul of your SocialOmm account.

This is where you'll be able to keep your social presence active 24/7 by automatically scheduling hundreds of social media posts to all your social profiles at once –– allowing you to plan days, weeks, months, or even years in advance!

In Post Groups, you can organize all your posts into groups. For each group, you can set the days of the week, and the times of the day, that you want to share your posts and SocialOmm will publish them automatically for you according to your posting schedule.

SocialOmm will automatically share the posts in each group one-by-one (starting from the first post), as per your sharing schedule, and once all posts have been shared, SocialOmm will cycle back to the start and continue sharing your posts in that group (this is great to recycling your posts and creating evergreen social media marketing). Posts will only be recycled if you've set your group's post repetition to repeat multiple times.

Once you've set your sharing schedule and have approved your posts in a group, they will then be automatically added to your Calendar so you can see what posts are scheduled for sharing at all times.

Categorize Your Posts Into Groups

Manage your content more effectively by organizing your posts into groups:

Group Posting Schedule

Each group has its own posting schedule, allowing you to set the days and times you want the posts to be shared, along with the social profiles you want to share them to, and if you want to repeat the posts in the group.

When a group's posting schedule has not yet been set, you'll see the message below letting you know that posts will not send until you have selected a profile and a schedule has been set:

When a group's posting scheduling has been set, we'll show you at the glance the days/times/social profiles in which posts in the group will be shared:

How To Set Your Posting Schedule

To set the posting schedule for a group, click on the group in the left sidebar, and then can click the Profiles & Repetition and Schedule buttons to access these settings.

When you click Profiles & Repetition, you can:

  • Edit the group name.
  • Choose the social profiles you want to share your posts to in this group.
  • Set your default post repetition – that is, the number of times you want to repeat schedule posts in this group.

    For example, you can schedule your posts to repeat forever, which is great for automatically recycling your posts so you can fill the gaps in your schedule. SocialOmm will share each post in your group one-by-one as per the days/times set and then cycle back to the beginning once all posts in a group have been shared. This will repeat as per the number of repeats you've set. Choosing 'Repeat forever' will continue this cycle forever, which is a great way to create evergreen social media marketing.
  • Set the default status of each post you add to a group. For example, in order to schedule posts in a group for sharing on social, they need to be approved first (not 'draft').

    If you set the default status to 'Draft', all posts added to the group will be placed in the 'Draft' tab and will not be scheduled until you approve them manually one-by-one. If you set the default status to 'Approved', all posts will be added to the 'Scheduled' tab and will be automatically scheduled in for sharing.

When you click the Schedule button, you can:

  • Choose the days and times you want to publish the posts in this group to your social profiles. Note: you can add multiple times (i.e. 9 AM, 12 PM, 5 PM).

Ideas For Grouping Your Posts

Here are some examples of how to group your posts:

  • Create groups for each day of the week for daily themed content. For example: Mindful Monday, Thinking Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, etc. For the Mindful Monday group, you would set the schedule settings to share the posts in this group on Mondays only (at whatever time you desire). The same applies to Thinking Tuesday, you would set the schedule settings to share the posts in this group on Tuesdays only at your time of choice. Each week, SocialOmm will automatically choose the next post in the group and share that to your selected social profiles. This is a great way to put your social marketing on autopilot!
  • If you share specific content on set days and times and need to separate this, you can create groups for each day of the week. You would place all posts you want to share on Monday's only in the 'Monday' group and set the schedule settings to share the posts in this category on Monday's only.
  • Create groups for different promotional days like Sunday Specials or Wednesday Humpday Discounts.
  • Create group around certain holidays (like Christmas or Mother's Day) so you can add a bunch of posts to that group and share posts leading up to the holiday.

Managing Your Posts

Keep track of where your posts are in the queue for each of your groups:

  • Drafts - Posts that have been created as a draft, but not yet approved for sharing on social.
  • Approved - Posts that have been approved for sharing and are scheduled to be published.
  • Finished Sending - Posts that have been shared to social media.

Post Groups makes it easy to stay on top of and maintain a consistent social media presence!

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