[FIXED] Facebook is currently unavailable

Update Sep 11 - Facebook is back! 🎉

It's taken Facebook 42 days, but our app has been finally re-approved by Facebook and you can now continue to use Facebook in SocialOmm again. Now this process is over, there should be no reason for any further disruption. We would like to thank you for your (very appreciated) patience and understanding during this period, we know we've all been suffering as a result of their issues. 

You can once again add Facebook Pages to your SocialOmm account and posts will be sent as normal.

Our next step is to re-apply for Groups access.

Original message:

Facebook mistakingly unapproved our app, which allows us to send posts to Facebook Pages on your behalf via SocialOmm.

Because of this, you will see this error displayed for posts scheduled to a Facebook Page: 

Failed: Cannot call API on behalf of this user

We immediately re-submitted our app for approval but were told this process could take anywhere up to 7 weeks.

There are multiple steps in Facebook's rigorous approval process. After getting through the first step, there was then an issue that stopped us from continuing to the next stage in their approval process. This was fixed around Sep 3rd so we have now been able to submit our business verification details, which is the final step. 

Once Facebook review and approve our business verification details, Facebook will work in SocialOmm again. 

Unfortunately, Facebook are in control of our app approval and it's out of our hands. We are working hard to fix this issue and it is extremely frustrating.

We would like to thank you for your support and we appreciate your patience during this trying time.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us directly at help@socialomm.com

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